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Blackheath Westcombe Labour Party goes out doorknocking and campaigning to improve the community all year round- not just in the run-up to elections.

Recently we have taken part in high-profile campaigns to:

  • Oppose the Tories’ damaging cuts to Welfare Benefit and the “Bedroom tax” which are threatening to force families to move out of areas like Blackheath and Westcombe Park

  • Get a lift installed at Blackheath station for those who are less mobile

  • Help protect Lewisham Hospital from being downgraded,

  • Keep Greenwich Police station open,

  • Defend Nationwide Building Society branches in Blackheath Village Greenwich, and Woolwich from closure.

Greenwich Fairness Campaign

We’re living in tough times. The economic downturn has made it harder for many of us to make ends meet.

The local Labour party in the Blackheath and Westcombe area is starting a campaign to help residents survive financially in this difficult period.
People on low incomes are often treated badly because they’ve got less clout than others.

If we join together, we can make a difference, and help make sure everyone gets a fair deal – from local employers, from banks and other lending companies, from shops and companies you pay for services like gas and electricity.

We’re kicking the campaign off by finding out about the difficulties people are facing in our neighbourhood.

The views of local residents will shape what we campaign for. That’s why we’ll be knocking on doors in our area in the weeks to come. In the months to come, we’ll take up the issues that people have raised.

We’ll do things like fight to make sure local employers pay a living wage, tackle the amount of interest people are forced to pay on debt, campaign for more apprenticeships in local businesses and help people find other sources of credit.

It all depends on what will make the biggest difference in our neighbourhood.

We think the best way to change things is to campaign together to make a difference in our community.

Please tell us what you think the biggest obstacles are for people to make ends meet – and what would make the biggest difference – by emailing


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