Pat Boadu-Darko


Pat Boadu-Darko is standing for Greenwich Council so she can campaign for better local facilities for children and young people. Originally from Ghana, she lectures in travel and tourism subjects in colleges of further education. Pat has an MSc in Tourism Marketing.

Pat is passionately committed to the wellbeing of children, women and families by playing an active role in many local organisations. She is trustee at Home Start, which places volunteers with vulnerable families. She is also on the Management Committee of Her Centre that offers one-stop advice sessions to women with diverse problems.

Passionate about creating more sustainable communities, Pat believes this can be achieved through good parenting. With this in mind she wants to develop more mentoring programmes for parents and pastoral care schemes for children and the youth. She believes in early intervention and remedial programmes that enable every individu

al to achieve. With this in mind she is a supporter of Sure Start Centres, Parenting Classes and the emphasis Labour puts on ensuring inclusion in education. Her interest in Education means she’s an active Governor at Gallions Mount Primary School.

Pat is a family woman, with three boys of her own. Pat organised a number of events for local parents, and regularly speaks to mums from Invicta and Halstow. A committed Christian, she has attended a number of churches in Blackheath Westcombe area.

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