Thomas Tallis School opens up its sports halls

IMG00219-20111102-1044Thomas Tallis School, which was completely rebuilt two years ago with state-of-the-art sports facilities, is now offering more public access to them, both for individuals as well as sports clubs.

The sports halls at Tallis have been used by clubs- including the Metro Judo Club which used to meet at Mycenae House, and which Olympic medal-winner Gemma Gibbons used to be a member of – ever since the school’s new building opened in November 2011. The new school and its sports facilities are an important part of the borough’s Olympic legacy.

But the Halls’ availability for use by individuals, rather than clubs, had not been well publicised. Local residents, including Labour candidates Cherry Parker and Simon Thomson (who both live on Kidbrooke Park Road near the school) have lobbied Greenwich Leisure Limited (which is contracted to run the sports hall under its new brand name, Better) to ask them to publicise its availability better.

They have also asked them to make it easier for local people to book to use the Hall (for example by accepting cash on the door as well as allowing people to pre-book sessions online). I have also weighed in as a Labour councillor for the area.

The result is that GLL has now opened up Badminton courts at Tallis to anyone and everyone – they can be booked by the hour between 6 and 9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Activities specifically for older people are starting soon, including Aerobics and Pilates classes.

It is vital that sports facilities at schools, including Tallis and the new John Roan School, once its newIMG00539-20120615-1255 (1) buildings are completed in 2014, are opened up to the community as much as possible, and I hope that public access will increase further. Clearly this has to be balanced carefully with the needs of the school and its students, but I am pleased that a better balance has been struck, and local residents in Blackheath and Kidbrooke now have a new sports centre on their doorstep.

To find out more, visit or call 020 8856 0115, ext 2031 (Mon-Fri 4-10pm and Sat-Sun 9-5pm)


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