Why we’re marching

MARCHBANNER1On Saturday March 26, people from across Britain will come to London to tell the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government how their cuts are damaging our communities. The coalition claims there is no alternative to massive cuts in the public services we all rely on – in the police, in help for those forced out of work by the recession, in the health service, in school teaching assistants, in childcare – and many many other vital public services.

The Tories and LibDems claim the cuts are necessary to get Britain’s public finances back on track. We do need to cut the deficit – but what they’re doing is too fast and in the wrong place. The cuts will damage the local institutions we all rely on to live in a decent society. Cutting so many jobs will slow down the economic recovery, and restrict economic growth in the private sector – George Osborne had to reduce the forecast for economic growth from 2.1% to 1.7% in today’s budget because of the effects his cuts will have on the economy. Meanwhile, prices are rising, and it’s getting harder for everyone to make ends meet.

We in Blackheath Westcombe Labour Party believe there is an alternative. The City of London needs to be governed properly and pay its fair share in taxes – banks need to properly start paying back the billions which taxpayers used to bail them out. The government needs to clamp down on tax evasion, treating the rich in the same way they treat the very poorest. And they need to slow down the rate at which the national debt is paid back. It’s only the Tories’ blinkered, out-date economic ideology which stops them and their LibDem colleagues from not seeing that the cuts will harm us all. It’s time the people who got us into this mess were made accountable to the democratic power of people in this country.

That’s why we’ve been out on the streets encouraging local residents to come on Saturday. And that’s we’ll be marching in central London to tell the government that the cuts are unnecessary and very very damaging. We’ll meet at Temple tube at 12.00 – but all get the 11.17 train from Westcombe Park beforehand. Join us – and get involved in Labour’s campaign to protect our livelihoods.

For more information on the march, see http://www.marchforthealternative.org.uk


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