Thank You to Blackheath Westcombe from Pat Boadu-Darko

PatTo all the people of Greenwich and Woolwich who have seen a regenerated Borough, a stronger NHS, safer streets, improved public transport and the cutting of carbon emissions,and who believed in Nick’s pledge for: more jobs locally, better educational standards, an even better NHS, continued Improvements to neighbourhood policing, and further action to tackle climate change, there was a simple act from the re-elected MP last Saturday 22nd May, 2010 at the Royal Standard in the Blackheath Westcombe ward of the Constituency to show appreciation.

‘Thank You’, two simple words that bring a smile to anyone’s face.

It was a joy looking at the faces of people on the streets that morning going from one of bewilderment to surprise, then a broad smile when they are handed the letter from Nick, and they get to know that it was not asking for their votes this time, but just to aknowledge and appreciate their recognition of a hard-working MP who’s always been near his people and who works in the interest of the borough that he’s been given the mandate to represent for 18 years!

One needs to just go through Woolwich to see some of the regeneration…that Nick won by a 10000+ margin is testimony in itself to the interest of the people he has at heart! So really, he could just have taken what was rightly his due, and not been there that morning at the Royal Standard…BUT, that is the difference between an MP who is forever near his people, not just when he needs their votes, but one who genuinely respects his constituents!

These are difficult times, and whilst we in Greenwich and Woolwich are lucky to have returned our Labour MP, and a Labour Council, we need to remember that their continued success depends on our co-operation.
It is really up to us, the good people of Greenwich and Woolwich to assist our MP, and Council to keep the re-generation of our community in track…Let’s all give our Councillors a hand and ensure that Greenwich and Woolwich remains the Royal Borough ,

and a great place to work and live!!

Pat Boadu-Darko


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