David says thanks

DavidAnd now it’s all over! Life returns to normal.

Alex Grant back at top of the poll but I missed out by 22 votes after the Friday afternoon recount. 2197 votes was a good tally, but 22 votes from the winning line and you think what more could have been done.

So Blackheath Westcombe again has one superb Labour councillor and two Tories. A swing to Labour but not the same swing we enjoyed in the other marginals with large council estates. There, the general election turnout made a real difference. In BW, the 72% turnout brought out many who take little interest in local politics generally but obviously wanted to vote nationally.

And many people shopped around with their votes. All a big argument for Alternative Vote as there was a very big majority for progressive candidates from Labour, Lib Dems and Greens but this vote was fragmented letting the Tories into two seats.

But it has been a great campaign and I have really enjoyed meeting so many thousands of people from Tom Smith Close to Blackheath Park. And to understand people’s concerns about childcare, local schools, transport, parks and so many more issues. There was a general level of satisfaction with local services especially recycling but that is not to be complacent. The new Labour council can do better and improve community engagement. I will carry on my work at John Roan and stay in touch with local issues.

On a national scale, Nick Raynsford retained Labour’s 10000 majority in Greenwich. The Tories took second place from the Lib Dems and we held next-door Eltham against all predictions. But it was not good for Labour nationally overall and we have lessons to learn about staying in touch more with people’s views, listening and showing less arrogance and better judgement.

But it is easy to be harsh and forget our great achievements in public services, economic prosperity, leadership on combating climate change and poverty. We are a more tolerant and civilised society than in 1997.

All more the shame as I write that Labour and the Lib Dems do not appear to have agreed a progressive partnership to continue this and protect the most vulnerable while securing the recovery and reducing the deficit.

Finally to thank everyone for their votes and support, and if you supported an opponent, thanks for being so polite on the doorstep and listening. And thanks to Alex and Pat for being such tremendous fellow candidates and the great Labour team in Blackheath Westcombe.


2 Responses to David says thanks

  1. Darryl says:

    “The new Labour council can do better and improve community engagement.”

    Keeping this blog going would be a great way to improve community engagement – it’s been a valuable insight into your campaign. Stopping it now would only perpetuate the impression that Greenwich Labour only listens to itself.

    So please continue!

    • Jon Wilson says:

      Darryl &ca.,

      We are definitely going to keep the blog going! The local party has started to discuss ways it can listen and talk beyond itself – and the blog will be part of that. Sorry about the gap in posts. There will, we promise, be much more to come!


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