Election day

Today, May 6th, is the day we have all been waiting for – and seems to have suddenly crept up on us all.

After weeks of seven days a week work, I managed to take the day off on Sunday – in fact between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning managed to avoid any political activity whatsoever, apart from a few phone calls. I felt the much better for it when I arrived at the campaign office at 32 Woolwich Rod at 8.30am on Monday morning!

Spent Saturday night at my Mum and Dad’s House on Glenluce Road for Mum’s birthday – rare occasion that all the family – my sister Tara, her partner Catherine, our brother Tom and his wife Hester, and their three children, got together with my partner Liz and our four-year-old Alice. And Mum and Dad of course. Now our generation of the family are all in our thirties (or forties in Tom’s case) it is rare for us all to get together as even at Christmas we are dragged off in different directions by in-laws.

The evening made me realise that there is more to life than politics, important though that all is – and also how complicated family life is, with work, childcare and all the responsibilities they entail. If nothing else, Labour is the party of families, in al their forms, and recognises that an active state needs to help when it is needed and also respect lifestyle choices. Labour wants to support children out of poverty and into a good education whatever their parents’ circumstances, go into adulthood with access to education, training and dignity in the workplace, able to live sustainably in a safe and clean environment, with healthcare free a the point of delivery and improving schools for the next generation, and into a n old age with dignity and independence.

This is a message Pat, David and I have been putting across as much as we can on the doorstep, at the railway stations and on the school gate in the last few weeks. Many readers may have met us – and for those who have not – we want o continue working with local people on the problems that matter to them, and hope we can count on your support today.


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