Greenwich Park Olympic Events

You read it here last, as this story has been “blogged to death”, but Greenwich Council’s Planning Board voted to approve the planning application for the Olympic events in the park in 2012 on Tuesday March 23rd, by 10 votes to 2.

I normally chair these planning board meetings but was not there on this occasion as I work part-time for the local MP Nick Raynsford, who had expressed firm views on the application, and did not want to create any impression on bias. That said, I have kept an open mind and have been listening carefully to a wide range of views, from vigorous support to outright opposition, for the last two years since Greenwich was chosen as the likely venue for the equestrian events.

What is most interesting is that at the meeting, I am told, there were almost equal numbers of speakers both for and against the events. The council has also imposed strict conditions, such as a full “reinstatement plan” for the park and Circus Field to be finalised before any work can start, and a consultative forum to be set up so local people can be fully involved.

It is crucial in my view that this is not just a talking shop – and that the opportunity is seized to make sure that arrival of the Olympic events can be used as a spur to move coach parking off Duke Humphrey Road and turn it into a grassy area welcoming people from the Park to the Heath, not a sea of tarmac.

This is one bit of legacy that is firmly within our grasp, and which has wide support from the Blackheath society, Westcombe Society, and other groups and individuals who may have had strong reservations about the Olympic events in general, but are now willing to work to make the events work to bring long-term benefits for Greenwich – and Blackheath.



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